Monday, April 30, 2012

Warfare Army Tool

Well not yet... but almost I have gone through the data files for the Tactics version and edited the points values to the warfare values. Thrown in a few extra things to help out until I can get a Dedicated version built. Have fun!



  1. Hi, this mornig, i download WaB.

    One thing, can you include the name of the platoon we select : sturmgrenadiere, schwer ou blutkreuz on the top of the list.

    Sorry my english is not very good.

    and now let's play

  2. oops, we can select.

    Can you make a command for printing list.

  3. Dakkon,

    Just inform you of another bug. When adding the extra warfare like "Elite Platoon" for Allies it saves it as "Axis" in the xml. When loading the saved army it will default to Axis and you cant modify it without clearing the army. I solved it by renaming the attribute to "Allies". Love the app,see you at GENCON.

    Reggie "thejughead"